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Full Version: Click to Edit - error
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I'm unfortunately getting told to "click to edit" on some of my posts. Not all of them, just enough to be thoroughly annoying.

I read that someone else combated the issue by deleting their smilies; I tried this and no dice.

I'm using version 1.8.11

- The threads are not working on default theme, nor the Flatty theme I've edited.
- The threads do not work if I attempt to copy the post and re-create it.
- The post is present when I "edit" it, but will not show up when posted

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your time

is it a converted / merged forum from some other system ?
have you recently added any MyCode / code modifications ?
have you recently upgraded MyBB version ?

would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel
& files (FTP) to check the issue [both access required] ..
- Yes, it's a convert from SMF 2.0.11 to MyBB 1.8.10, then updated to 1.8.11 when it was released
- I've added a lot of MyCodes, and I'm not sure if or when it would have affected the posts; I have the YourCode modification installed.
- Upgraded to 1.8.11 when it was released

I'm not sure when the error started, so I'm not sure what I could have done to cause it, if I did cause it.

ETA: It appears one of my MyCodes was causing the issue. When i removed it from the affected posts, they reverted to be working once more.