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Full Version: Issue with Usernames
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Hi there! I was having an issue with figuring out how to fix this, as I see it solved on other MyBB forums but I can't seem to find the solution. I have steam integration built into my mybb forums and when players register that have emoticons in their name for steam have their named change to & where the symbol was or &heart; and ect, I attached images as examples of what I mean. And where I saw it work on another mybb forum. Any help with this would be much appreciated! Thank you!
what is your forum url ? which character encoding is used for the database ?
in general, utf-8 encoding displays such symbols

Hi! My UTF-8 is on, I included a image of the file opened in my Notepad ++ but the symbols still are not working on my forums. I never changed or messed with UTF-8, so that config setting must have been default for me?
Bump? :x
not sure, how about encoding of users table in your MyBB forum's database ?
have you also installed & activated display user names plugin ?