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Full Version: AdminCP Remote server or file not found error
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hi guys,
my forum is live here => www.ITdunya.Pk

two days ago, i think my opponent cracked my board. on that time, my board was showing this error "Remote server or file Not Found error"

luckly, i was having its fresh backup, so i restored that backup, and the board started working fine...

but now, since yesterday, my board is live as normal, but my AdminCp is showing the same old error "Remote Server or file not found error"

Check it here =>

a friend suggests that there is a bug in Global.Php file, i dont know whats wrong with my board,

please have a look and get me ride from this trouble,

Thanks in Advance
footer notice at your forum is saying that you have a different type of forum system.
kindly seek support at that forum system's support community. support is denied
sir of course my forum system is mybb therefor i am here on your forum, i have modified my forum according to my needs, my forum system is MyBB, kindly concentrate on the issue
please see MyBB Support Eligibility Policy

Quote:To receive support users must display at the very least the following "powered by" notice on every page of their forum:

Powered by MyBB.

The text must contain a link to, an image of the text is acceptable however it must still link to

If your theme does not already carry the powered by message it can be added by going into your admin control panel >> Templates & Styles >> Templates >> *Select template* >> Footer templates >> Footer
and then adding the following code:

Quote:Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">MyBB</a>.

Users that are found to violate this rule will be denied support temporarily (for the first offense) until rectified, or permanently for repeated offenders.
ok sir, i was unaware, know i will add this, but i dont have access to AdminCp now, i cant modify my template as i dont have access to my AcP at this moment
looks like your not even running mybb

in your footer says this:
Powered By vBulletin 4.2.3, © 2017 ITDunya.PK.

see this link for the admincp:
(2017-05-25, 03:20 PM)Lightiningmug999 Wrote: [ -> ]looks like your not even running mybb

in your footer says this:
Powered By vBulletin 4.2.3, © 2017 ITDunya.PK.

see this link for the admincp:

It is running MyBB. They are just using the VBulletin default theme.

The profile page is a big give away, its using VB styles but it doesn't look anything like the default VB one as that one has a profile picture, tabs and so forth.

WAppalyzer also shows the software used.
[Image: Gpsz66Y.png]
sir i have modified my footer as its not Mybb Default Master theme, its a moded one like vB. In my MyBB Mastet theme footer is of Mybb.

i am using mybb just using a different plateforum style

exactly man, i am using MyBB, but seperate style of my choice.
Inside your admin folder there's an error_log file? If yes, can you show the content?
lol for real? Dodgy

do not say you dont know what you are doing here...

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