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Full Version: Put canned text into messages? (think, expanding a variable)
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I am using my MyBB forum in conjunction with a wiki and WordPress site I've made, focussing largely on tech issues,

I want to use MyBB message threads as a place for comments on e.g. wiki articles I have written, so what I want to do is, at the end of each wiki article, have a link to a dedicated thread set up for comments. People would make a forum account, then comment in that thread on the article, or could make new forum threads if they want.

Initially, many of these threads will be empty or, more precisely, have a generic post from me saying, "Hi! Here's a place to post any comments or discussion on that article".

I am trying to keep it super simple. It is a simple site where I only post a few deep articles a month. But at this point I already have some 20 articles, and will be making more as time goes by.

What I want to have is a generic text in these dedicated forum landing messages that says some things about how this is the place for comments, and gives other tips on my site.

These generic messages will probably change over time as I figure out how to work things.

So, to make a long story short,

I would like to have some sort of "expanded text variable" that I put in each of these landing-page messages,

So that I can update it for all of them, if I want.

I am an old amateur Windows coding hack. It might have been called a macro or variable-based text or something.

Surely something like this exists in MyBB? I just don't know the word for it. Maybe contained in something like


Or something, that is inserted on the fly any time the message is read.

Is there a way to do this? Without having to install a plugin or whatever?

Thanks if you can help. You can see I am struggling with wording. Maybe I simply need to know what some concept is called, then I can look it up.

Thanks if you can help!
bump. anyone?