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Full Version: guests can't some view photo attatchments
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so i logged out and viewed my site as a guest. the issue is that some photo attachments i can view while the vast majority i cannot. the only time i can view them allĀ is if i am logged in. (i enabled guests can download attachments) what's up?
can you provide a test url where you have seen above referred issue ..
ok in this link your supposed to see 2 photos of a beetle. (NOT logged in) do you see them? forgot to add whats really weird is if i log out i see the images but if i log out and clear browser history/cache then view the thread the images are broken. Same problem occurs in other browsers.
would you like to PM me access to files (FTP) to check its cause ..
yes i'm sending you a pm
Sorry for the very late reply im sending you a pm @.m.