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Full Version: Editor.js
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I have been researching a lot of fixes on this board, and quite a few of them start with "open editor.js"  - which is great!  Or it would be if I knew where that was.

Can someone please tell me how to get to editor.js?

Pretend I have no idea what I am doing and need simple childlike explanations.
Visit your JScripts folder via your file manager (not the one built into MyBB, it requires use of something like cPanel), check /Jsciprs/editor.js, and you should be good.
Hey I found the jscript folder, thank you! I would have never found it buried all the way in there.

Still haven't seen the editor.js file but it must be in here somewhere... thank you!
MyBB 1.8 series is not using editor.js file so it doesn't exist.
what is the fix that you need with the editor ? can we have your forum url & a test user account