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Full Version: Attachments Showing 'Less than 1 minute ago" /> '
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Less than 1 minute ago" />  
This is the message that's displayed in every single image attachments. Please, how do I solve this?
How does it concern the unnecessary time buffer under the images?
I'm having this problem as well.

I guess it's a bug somewhere in the latest version. I'm also wondering where this is address on that Github page...

edit: I think I see. The area in functions_post.php - is that file a fix that we can over-write our current functions_post.php file?
I'm having that problem with online members, they become offline but the time show less than min.
The exact same thing is happening here that's happening to me. See the "4 hours ago" /> " or however much time has passed when you're viewing it - in the first post right after the attachment...
Saw that the man had also been given up this message. Is there any easy solution to this? What's on Github seems to be awkward.

Does anyone have a simple solution?
in german support-board SvePu posted a workaround fixing this bug
(2017-06-12, 04:54 AM)bv64 Wrote: [ -> ]in german support-board SvePu posted a workaround fixing this bug

Awesome! That DID fix the issue for me. Thank you!
There's also a problem with the Upcoming Events plugin. If an event happens today, you will see this strip of code to the left of each event title:
If you hover, it says:
Event on <span title=
To be honest, MyBB is an amazing forum software, but I feel these recent updates do a bit more harm than good.
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