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Full Version: Broken Cookies?!
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Hello everyone,

I'm a Co-Admin running for, and I encountered some login and logout problems that I've been trying to fix them for days.

The website is running of MyBB 1.8.11 and I dunno if updating the website to 1.8.12 may fix this issue. Let me know if there's a way to fix this issue.
You've enabled the Secure Cookie Flag on a normal HTTP page - that doesn't work!

Please open the file "inc/settings.php" via FTP and change:
$settings['cookiesecureflag'] = "1";
$settings['cookiesecureflag'] = "0";

Save the changes, reload forum page and login into ACP.
There you have to disable the "Secure Cookie Flag" at Home » Board Settings » Site Details

Save changes and it should work.
Thanks, dude. It actually worked.
Thanks bro, it's work