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Full Version: ACP Login problem
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hello to all staff of mybb.

i have a problem in admin panel. login success in admin panel but if i click any in tab like configuration show on the screen need login again. then i try to login but not working. last night its working. please help

Login ACP Success
[Image: ACP_Login.jpg]

But click any in tab this is show on screen
[Image: ACP_Login.jpg]

last night i edit site detail beacuse i have a problem in user login now user login fix using cookies settings i guide mybb staff .m. but now i want to activate new register on my site but error in above post
clear your browser cookies by clicking link on this page. close your browser, reopen it & try again
not working. i try to browse on my iphone but still not working. please help me
sorry, can't help with issues related to mobile devices login ..
not login also in my laptop. last night i edit cookies settings and add staff badge. then this morning i try to login admin panel its working but when i click any in tab login required again. then i try to login but not working. please help me
have you tried using a different web browser (on laptop) ?

you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & ftp to check the issue
[both are required] (if required, provide your own credentials & change them later)
pm sent.

also user cp not log out. please help
clear your browser cookies once again. close browser, reopen it & check login & logout process again
thanks .m. your the best. you fix my problem on my forum. now admin panel in my forum is working.

i rate you again because your my super hero on my site