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Full Version: Postbit Backgrounds
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I'd like to see this feature implemented. It wasn't difficult to put together, but I'm sure newbie admins would appreciate the ease.

[Image: 3hy8P6n.png]
This would rarely be used considering how it would effect page loading times, browser requests, etc.
Should be a plugin.
(2017-06-17, 05:12 AM)NathanĀ Malcolm Wrote: [ -> ]Should be a plugin.

Yeah, maybe a plugin would be better.
This can be created using MyBB profile fields without use of plugins, In MyBB 2.0 also I think we have profile fields so a plugin also isn't required.
Just my suggestion.
No. MyBB offers customization abilities. If an Admin wants to add this, they can create a profile field and add it themselves. Shouldn't be a default feature.
Profile fields should allow image uploads, that way administrators can easily implement this kind of feature you request. Unfortunately, I doubt that is gonna happen for 1.8.
Maybe someone can create a plugin for postbit cover but few days ago with the help of Omar I've got one plugin to work in postbit as profile cover so basically we already have one for postbit & profile lol if that makes sense.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about look below.