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Full Version: Some Posts Not Showing
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I searched and found an old thread back in 1.6, but nothing recent.

I just migrated from SMF to MyBB using the merge tool, but currently members can't see some of the posts in a thread. As far as I can tell there's no relation between the posts that aren't visible. The admin and guests can see them, but not regular members. I double checked all the permissions and they're correct, and I tried Rebuild Thread Counters, and still no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas?
This happened to me. It turned out to be some of the BBC that was used on the previous site didn't migrate well and I had to remove it (in my case it was the [gfont][/gfont] code.) once I removed it, all the posts popped back up again.

It'll be hard for people to help you more without a link to your site, though.
Oh indeed! The forum is you can login with Testing and password "password" to compare being able to see/not see posts.

Also, the posts that are having this problem are brand new, not old ones (although I haven't checked to see if it happens with old ones or not).