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Full Version: Photo upload size no warning omitted?
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I try to upload a file exceeding the 1024kb limit here and there is no warning - the photo simply fails to upload.

The no warning happens on my other forums as well - the user uploads a photo size to large and nothing happens - no warning - no attachment.

Is there a setting for warning the user about photo upload size?
That should happen automatically, though your theme may not have the capability to display the error message, if it works with the default theme then you know there is something missing with your theme.
Check this out:
No warning was given when I attempted to upload larger versions of the same photo.
However, I could see the "upload progress" in the lower left corner of the browser window (Chrome) and the photo appeared to fully upload.
But no warning was given and the post simply waited for additional input.
I tried several different sized photos all of which failed to post except the 1003kb photo (which is the forum default size).