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Full Version: add html verification file
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hello everyone.

how to upload google verification html file. im so tried to upload html file.

please help. thank advance
With ftp access. If you don't have ftp access you should use the meta tag method for verification.
yes i have ftp access. but i dont know how to upload in what folder
After you have downloaded the file from google or Bing for that matter, you need to upload the file via ftp to the root of your website. Often this folder is called public_html on the server side.
only on public_html only.? because many folder inside the public_html
(06-19-2017, 01:35 AM)dhyep Wrote: [ -> ]only on public_html only.? because many folder inside the public_html

Yes, under public_html, because then it will be the base directory for your domain. Rather than, for example, your Admin Control Panel which (by default) is
not working. here is popup message after click verified

Verification failed for using the HTML file method (less than a minute ago). Your verification file was not found.

please help.
It's very simple. You upload the HTML file to the directory where MyBB is installed -- alongside index.php, showthread.php, etc. If the verification fails then you didn't upload it to the correct directory.
I'd also be concerned about the fact that your website has an invalid SSL certificate... This is why your site is having trouble, contact your hosting provider. The WWW version of your site is having issues processing requests.