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Full Version: disable text in order to post
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i want users to submit mostly photos in my community but what is annoying is they have to type text b4 they post. how do i disable this so all they have to do to post is post a photo. thank you
You could modify the “Minimum Message Length” setting.

[Image: R1vG3pe.png]
(2017-06-25, 04:28 PM)Wage Wrote: [ -> ]You could modify the “Minimum Message Length” setting.

[Image: R1vG3pe.png]

tried but I get an error saying that the value must be greater than or equal to 1
Users submit their photos through the attachment system?
yes is there a way to just have them do attatchments without having to post?
is there an additional setting in acp? or is there a php code i need in order to allow guests to post photos without posting the text requirement? thanks
after adding the attachment if insert into post option is used then message need not be entered.

see this image
ill let users know Smile but is there a way to simply allow attachments + no text? thanks
There's a way, but it's not simple (or better, it's simple but it requires more than one edit in the core files). Actually for a thing like that, you just need to edit the verification of the message in the post datahandler's. But the main problem is that users can submit empty messages also if they don't add an attachment, and it's not to convenient. So, why don't add a simple check to allow this edit only if users submit an attachment? As far as I've seen, the attachment verification is made on the newthread/newreply files and a post (when is submitted to the verification with post datahandler's) don't have any variable that tell if in the post there's an attachment, so you can't made any simple-check.