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Full Version: mybb error 1091
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sorry if this should go in plugin support. But I had issues with myfacebook connect and mytwitter connect. I tried to delete and uninstall but now I get sql error 1091. What does that mean? I tried deleting the plugins by hand but can't find the files.
I checked this exact thread a few hours ago this has nothing to do with upgrading. Does anyone know what's up. Is there a way to manually delete the file? Thanks
It is really easy to manually delete file, just log in to cpanel, I'm assuming you are usiing cpanel, go to your file manager---open it-- then go to inc, then go to plugins, then select the file and delete it.
I tried to remove those files from inc/plugins but I am still getting the error. Did I corrupt my database somehow.
^ where are you getting the error ? can you post complete error message or its clear screenshot
here it is also I get the same problem when trying to delete mytwitter login.
^ can you follow this suggestion
thank you i got the facebook uninstalled but now I get the same error when I try to uninstall the mytwitter login
^ does the error say twavatar missing or fbavatar missing ?
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