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Full Version: Forum URL Code Looks Messed Up
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Hi all,
I noticed the links on my forums are not appearing correct. Text outside the bbcode for URL's is becoming a link. Here is what is stored in the database:

It's early in the morning where I'm at, suppose to be doing an assignment that's due before midnight today (Friday), but before I dig in for a few hours I'm going to dedicate a couple of minutes to the EF.

The first celebration that I know of at the St. John Newman Center at UIUC was in 2011 ([url=][/url].)
A second EF was held in 2013 [url=][/url]
[url=][/url][url=]A third was celebrated this year.[/url]
[url=][/url][url=] ([/url]
From the likes of it it doesn't seem like a yearly event, but it's born upon request if there's enough people. Nonetheless it's very comforting to know that at a major public university there are young Catholics wanting this type of mass. I've heard some good things about UIUC's Newman Center alongside Texas A&M, those two seeming to set the standards for Newman Centers across the nation. It sort of puts universities and colleges that call themselves Catholic to shame - a single Newman Center in the midst of secularism and debauchery holding steadfast.

Note: Sorry about linkage to the paragraphs. I'll be making note of it on the Coders Anonymous thread.

I also don't know why there are so many links. A lot of those links aren't even showing. Here is the link to the post. Any ideas?
Can you try deactivating all the plugins you are using and see what happens ?
Also are you using addthis ?
(07-02-2017, 05:45 AM)WallBB Wrote: [ -> ]Can you try deactivating all the plugins you are using and see what happens ?
Also are you using addthis ?

Sorry for the long delay! I just got a chance to give this a shot.

1) I disabled any plugins that mess with posts. I couldn't disable all of them since the forum is live and doing so would severely cripple certain operations. I amĀ using HTML In Posts, and disabling that didn't change anything.

2) I am not using Addthis.

Just out of curiosity, are there any characters that might mess up the regular expressions? Some of my users were quoting posts and including ?'s, #'s, periods, &'s etc in the URLs.
Quote:No racism or hate related content
Hmm...I really don't think the board you linked meets the support eligibility requirement at all. It seems to be composed primarily of hate speech towards non-Whites/Republicans/Catholics justified as being real religious discourse. Skim the board and it's just a treasure trove of bigotry towards anyone who's not Catholic, white, or Republican.
A # in a URL string is an anchor on the page. That is to say, if you have a rather long page and you want to have quicklinks to portions, you can.

a ? is a get string.

Periods are normal.