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Full Version: VirtualBlue Theme Question
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Hi folks

Just installed the VirtualBlue theme - which fits my football forum perfectly.

However, when we hit "reply" to a post, the background to the quote is white - even though the theme's global.css blockquote background is set at #B3B3B3 which is dark.

I would like to make the background in the quote dark not white

Any ideas why the blockquote background in global.css isn't being applied????




The background for the quoted post is taking its colour from:


rather than from the theme's own global.css

which is a file shared by all themes???

it would be better with a live preview but..
in last case remove the background from blockquote in sceditor.mybb.css
and edit the color on global
never use that theme and probably the developer add a custom css rule for that or a custom editor for the theme...
lots of possiblitys
Can you share your forum URL ?
Also make sure you have added secure cookie flag in your headerinclude, I don't think VirtualBlue is updated for latest MyBB version.
Hi Folks

Thanks for the replies

Forum URL:

I've adjusted the colour code in jscripts file to the one that I want and am just using that theme

Seems to be working OK