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Full Version: Rules for this section
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Posting your listing:
  • Write a little bit of information about the website / forum.
  • Write a detailed, easy to understand description of the request / service / job. Be ready to answer any questions readers may have.
  • Describe any conditions attached to the deal.
  • Inform readers of your preferred contact method.
  • State whether offers should be posted publicly or via a PM.
  • If you are posting a listing and there is money involved, you must adhere to the contract you set up with the applicant. We strongly recommend communication to take place via the Private Messaging system so proof is available. The use of Paypal is recommended for transactions involving money because there won't be any question regarding if money was sent.
  • You may only bump your thread once a week.

Responding to Requests:
  • You may only post questions or offers in the thread. Refrain from posting tips or opinions about any service or offer. If you think that someone is fishy and you have proofs for that, please post a thread in Private Inquiries instead of making a public mess.
  • If the poster wants salary discussed privately, you must respect that.
  • Only make an offer if you are serious and able to fulfill your offer.
  • Do not recommend other users in replies. You can use PMs for that. [recommending MyBB Staff members is exempted]
  • If a job would get you money, you are responsible for figuring out if the income you receive needs to be reported when you file your tax return. MyBB is not responsible for providing you this information; you can talk to a tax professional about any requirements your location may have regarding income.