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Full Version: Register by fake emails..????
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users can register with fake email on my forum.

i want to detect that user can register with his/her original emails and after verify email user can access registered featured.

how it is..

No need for admin approval
What's a fake email ? There's no solution for what you ask, except admin approval.
i mean that the confirmation email is not sent and the message is is showing under admin ACP

i dont need admin approval.

i want that if some one register on my forum then the confirmation email is send and user can varify and login.
no need for admin approval.
Well, there is a solution. You can use this plugin: which will remove 750 fake email providers or this one : if you want to do it manuely.
Do you just mean you want users to have to verify their email address before they're registered? You need to turn on "Email Activation" under Login and Registration settings in ACP. That will require users to click a link in the email before they are moved to registered group by default. Until they click the link they'll be in the awaiting activation group. Or do you mean you want like guerillamail email account addresses to be blocked? Because that's a totally different issue.
the setting is already setup chek the picture below 

[Image: 1.jpg]
I don't understand what the problem is?
(07-16-2017, 05:05 PM)fizz Wrote: [ -> ]I don't understand what the problem is?

the problem is now all settings is done. but activation email is not sent to registered email.

that is the problem...

you can chek & register in my forum Register on My Forum....