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Full Version: Can't Change Mobile Version to Full Version
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When i and someone change full version to Go Mobile Version on pc it will changed but when return or switch to ful pc version there is nothing or nothing to change or can't switch to ful version...

what happening with my bb forum.....
Are you using latest version of Go Mobile plugin ?
If I remember correctly, the mobile version does not have a theme switch option. You will have to get into ACP to switch back.
i have latest version of GoMobile


The Theme cwithcer option is available for both pc and mobile version
Can I have your site URL please? Smile
(2017-07-17, 03:50 PM)katos Wrote: [ -> ]Can I have your site URL please? Smile
To clarify, are you accessing the mobile version through a mobile device or through your PC?
On my iPhone 7 iOS 10 (safari) I have no issues and can switch between mobile and full version with ease by scrolling to the bottom of mobile view and clicking :

"Switch to full version"