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Full Version: Admin options are gone?
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Since I changed my name on the forum, I've lost some sort of admin acces.

I can log-in into the website, but I cannot delete or edit users, I cannot f.x edit Form Creator, I cannot do the desired options

Is there anybody who have an idea what I can do?
I'm curious.

Are you able to change your name back?

And if so, does that bring back your privileges?
I did somehow manage to change my name back, but that didn't help at all.

I cannot do what I am supposed to do...
basically changing username has no affect on the usergroup privileges
some other administrator with higher privileges might have changed admin permissions of the usergroup / the user
I am the owner of the community, and my account "james" is the owner-account..

I don't really know what to do, and I am pretty desperate..
^ do you get any error message while attempting required task in forum admin panel ?
if so what does it say ?
Not at all, I simply just can't choose to delete users, edit in form creator plugin etc... Confused
Isn't there anyone who can help a desperate man Big Grin
well, how about other admins of your forum ? are you alone facing the problems ?
which web browser you use ? have you tried with another browser ?
I didn't try with another browser, will do that now.
(Never had problems with Chrome)

I will try, with the other account I have, which is "Owner" too

tried on another browser - Same Issue.
Tried another account with permissions - Same Issue.. :/
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