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Full Version: Template Will Not Save
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I am attempting to edit my header, to add a logo, but when I click save and return to listing, it simply redirects to my home directory or index page.

I've tried different browsers, computers, clearing cache, clearing cookies, etc.
if changes to templates are not saving then that needs to be checked by someone experienced.

however see replies here related to changing the logo
I know how to change the logo. {$theme['logo']} refers to the theme (in this case, the default) and logo file. aka logo.png.

I am changing it to an imgur link for now, until I get back to a computer with Filezilla so I can upload my own png/jpg logo.

As per the templates not saving, I will wait for an experienced user as you stated.
Fixed by disabling ModSecurity on the domain name. Similar issue happened with WHMCS. Marking as solved.