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Full Version: SMTP Not Sending Mail
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I am using Zoho for my mail, and I have setup the MX records, DKIM, SPM, etc.

Forum URL -

My configuration is as follows for mail settings

Mail Handler - SMTP Mail
SMTP Hostname -
SMTP Port - 465
SMTP Username - [email protected] (Created this on Zoho)

SMTP Password - Used the same for the Zoho inbox as I did creating the email in cPanel
SMTP Encryption Mode - SSL Encryption
Mail Logging - Disabled
Add message ID - Yes

I attempt to register a new account on my forum, and no activation email is sent.
I've seen this happen with Zoho before, and I believe you need to set the sender name to the same as the SMTP username in ACP > Configuration > Site Details > Admin Email (in your case, try setting this to [email protected]).
Contacted a Dev for MyBB, him and I sat here for a few hours on Discord troubleshooting. Turns out my host is blocking TLS and port 587. Will update if I can get this resolved from my host.
Ah, that would also cause the problem, hopefully you can get it fixed!
i would suggest using free smtp providers like smtp2go, mailchimp, targethero, etc they have other ports like 2525 so if your host is blocking 587 you can still access 2525.