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Full Version: How to display element if user logged in?
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Essentially I'm trying to get one of the sidebars on my index to be hidden or displayed depending on if the user is logged in or not, which will be a basic "Click here to register" if user is not logged in and show some basic user info if they are logged in.

How exactly can I achieve this?
I assume I can't put PHP in the templates file themselves as it's HTML and all that, so...?

Thanks for any help.  Toungue
This could be done with either Template Conditionals or a plugin. See what I've written below if you're going to be using conditionals.

<if $mybb->user['uid'] == 0 then>
    Stuff that you want shown to logged out users goes here.
    Stuff that you want shown to logged in users goes here.

Plugin download:
Support thread:
Worked perfectly!

Thanks a tonne man.