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Full Version: do i change the forum display thingy
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Hello my name is skullgraver, i have a forum (

so i made an arrow that would split the forumdisplay categories, it was supposed to replace that / but it didn't work.

this is the arrow i made: [Image: splitter.png]

and this is where its supposed to go: [Image: JWLr1mGJUi2jGo_PKWsX0SybnY5Z0rb67fWjaHce...ize_mode=3]

this is how it is supposed to look like: [Image: NeP4Og0gdRF1oUa6QsrYq0E6G_-URf0pbYwMCDcx...ize_mode=3]

this is how the HTML looks like in an attempt to add the picture: 
<div class="navigation-spacer"><img scr=""></div>

its in the template nav_sep under navigation