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Full Version: members register and aprove themself without my activation as admin.
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Guys I don't understand where is the hole on my forum, 
members joining in without my approval, most of them wait for my approval but some just join in like members, i have set the option to admin aprove and email verification by member but still people just join in directly. 
is it because facebook plugin i m using? but still even with that plugin, members join in and their ids go direct to wait for aprove but not to members group. 

please guide what is going wrong in my forum. maybe there is something that let them in without my approval.
Do you use Tap-a-talk?
no. I don't
I had it in the past but i unistall it years back.
From your original post, it seems like you have Email Activation & Admin Activation on. Set it to admin activation only.
okay i wil.