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Full Version: SQL error when I send a reply - Field 'posttags' doesn't have a default value
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When I send a reply in my forum I have this error:

MyBB SQL Error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1364 - Field 'posttags' doesn't have a default value


INSERT INTO mybb_posts (`tid`,`replyto`,`fid`,`subject`,`icon`,`uid`,`username`,`dateline`,`message`,`ipaddress`,`includesig`,`smilieoff`,`visible`) VALUES (452,707,74,'RE: Avete riscontrato bug, problemi con il forum?',0,1,'Ivy',1501451222,'Ok, finito (spero) i primi lavori.\r\n\r\nAggiornato un po\' il sito (lato codice), aggiunto SSL (in pratica ora è in https, per questioni di sicurezza ecc, anche se devo ancora finire di passare le immagini) e per ora dovrebbe più o meno funzionare tutto.\r\n\r\nSe trovate bug o altro per favore avvertitemi,\r\ngrazie\r\n\r\n :bye:',X'02283212',1,0,1)

Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support. 

How can I fix it? Sad

Thank you in advance

I have edited the mybb_posts table in this way, I don't know.. Is it ok?

[Image: m9GMmV0.png]

It was: text type, long (nothing), no default value

I have changed it in: varchar, 10, yes default value and 0
Hi, I'm checking tables in database, in mybb_posts.

I have deleted itsmybirthday tables, it were about an old plugin in 1.6, I have downloaded the uninstaller of that plugin, changed version from 1.6 to 1.8, uninstalled plugin and now I haven't more these 2 tables.. and it's good finally.

Only table "posttags" is which plugin? It doesn't look like a default mybb table and I don't use this table, I have no data inside.

Can I delete manually this table from database?

Thank you!