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Full Version: Buttons are empty
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Hey. It seems that no matter which theme we use, even the default, our buttons are empty and nothing wants to work correctly. It's making our forums very user unfriendly. Here are some screenshots that show what I mean.
[Image: crWX1If.png]
[Image: NiSmlwT.png]

These are just two of the countless themes we've tried (the first being default). It's just a major turn off for our players. The current theme we're using, Elusive, is the closest we've gotten to solving the problem however not many of us like it. None of us know CSS and haven't the slightest idea as to what we should do.

The forum is:
(It's a real site. We're currently using 000webhosting until we can get our own domain. It's not a fake site).

If there's anything else we need to provide, please let me know. My email is [email protected] We'd like to get this solved asap.

BTW: Yes we've made sure the themes we've tried are 1.8.12 compatible. However, when we apply the theme it still says it's not and we need to check off the "Ignore Compatibility" button. As you can see, the default theme doesn't work either.
your problem like this threads?

this is Font Awesome Bootstrapcdn issue