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Full Version: Database Connect Time
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here are the stats of my forum:

As you can see the whole processing time of DB is 16 ms.
But the connect time already is 10 ms on my local system.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the connect time to 1 ms or less? I guess it shouldn't take that long to connect to the server, right?

I'm running MariaDB 10.1.21 (32 bit) using InnoDB.
I have set up my database for very fast performance (all queries take 1 ms or below).

If you need more information please tell me Smile

Thanks for helping!
That's a perfectly reasonable connection time. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I wouldn't obsess over milliseconds, your forum is running smoothly and shaving off a couple of milliseconds won't be noticeable by your users.
If you aim on fast loading times, 16ms for the db query is realy good. You should look more into different server technics, like http2 or SPDY or selective caching or load balancing and and and ....
There are much more things that slow down your load time then the 16ms database read. Look into FireFox Developertool networkanalyse or into Chrome Developertool networkanalyse. There you see what need more time. For example, there are different types of cert's and different ways to deliver them.