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Full Version: Stopped sending emails?
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Experts please need your assistance with this one. I am on Godaddy right everything was working great but then suddenly a few days ago all my websites stopped sending emails!

No matter what I did I tried all kinds if setting none have worked get 220 error all the time! It used to work great but now  just stopped!

PHP Mail only works with local emails won't send emails created out if cPannel. And I can't connect to SMTP case of 220 error.

Notice! I can connect to my emails account send and receive messages just fine from my PC but not from the site!
220 is a normal repsond needed to work not an error, its used on the connection process to the server, it say the service is ready and can be used. Maybe you have some other error messages?
sorry i mean to say: the mail server is not ready, it did not respond with a 220 status message.

it looks like it doesn't wanna let me connect to secure server.

I think the connection times out case I use test SMTP mailer and after quite time loading it manages to send email. What can be causing timeout?

My Email routing set to local which means that if I use PHP Mail it only works with emails created in my cPanel. Won't send activation emails.
Look into your mailserver log will help do determine if its try connect or even not reach the server. If you running cPanel on a linux machine your log is lokated here /var/log/maillog and maybe the devocot logs some in /var/log/messages
I am on shared hosting buddy don't have that ability. What in your opinion can be causing that?
If you are on shared hosting, it worked before, you do not changed anything and it stop working... i will bet you hoster changed something.
May its a faster way to open a ticket and ask what he have changed cause you cant send mails now, (mention in the ticket it worked before).
thanks buddy i spend last 2 days trying to fix this issue yet here I am. ok thanks
Keep us informed what your hoster say. Wink