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I've just started using MyBB as my fourms software. I know how to add / select the themes. I'd like to know If I can edit the themes. Also I'd Like to know how to edit for example the 'About us" Menu. Thanks!
basically theme consists of html equivalent codes through templates
and style properties through css stylesheets.

theme needs to be edited through Templates & Style section of forum admin panel.

more details : Template and Theme Editor | Templates | Themes

top menu links codes are available in the header template (& its related templates) of the theme

forum admin control panel >> Templates and style >> Templates >> [your theme templates set] >>
Header Templates >> header
Can I get a list of names for each part? For Example - The Boxes on the Side
MyBB's Stock Theme doesn't consist of the side boxes.
can we have your forum url & which theme you are using ?
I am using Focus -