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Full Version: Login but still show as guest
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I know this may be posted everywhere else, but I have checked cookies paths, URL, and all other things I could possibly do, I have tested on multiple browsers, but I still get shown as guest whenever I login successfull. Thse URL is
does login to forum admin panel work fine & can you navigate around in the admin panel without any problem ?

clear your browser cookies by clicking link on this page & close the browser, reopen it & try login process again
The method you advised didn't work, also doing "" works, but I can't login as user for test account and admin account
exactly which version of MyBB you are using ?

looks like you have to turn on secured cookie & add its related code in the headerinclude template of the theme

see this & see also this for the related details
I can't even login to admin panel now, But the version is 1.8.12

I also have a custom theme installed if that helps?
though not sure when I can check it today,
would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) [both are required]
you can give your own credentials and change them later.
I fixed it. Sorry about that though,I had to reinstall everything