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Hello MyBB Species,

I'm looking for a solution to my problem. I have seen a lot of MyBB forums, which has this link eg:

Threadname: Search graphics for a multigaming clan
... ./suche-grafiker-fur-einen-multigaming-clan-t-63735.html#pid385482

I have the plugin SEO of MyBB installed, only this can not help me here.

I would not have to adjust the .htacces?

Please help, thank you.
You need to configure Google SEO in 2 places:
1. From within ACP => Configuration => Settings => Google SEO URL. There are fields for several URL schemes.
2. Update your .htaccess file to properly translate those URL schemes into the old style
Hello and thank you first for your contribution. Can you tell me how the link or the attitude should be / must be?

Can you tell me just as my .htacces must look?
If you have installed the SEO Plugin then you see in your plugin list how exactly your .htaccess needs to look like.
I have unfortunately no experience with htacces and with the SEO plugin. An exact description of how I have to continue and what I need to look out for would be very helpful
I still do not understand your contribution. I have the plugin already in use for the MyBB version 1.8. It already runs on my forum.

If I have understood correctly, I only have to adjust the setting and the .htacess. The question now is how and how exactly I have to adapt to my project.
Yea you need to change your .htaccess file (if you use apache as webserver) or your vhost file (if you use nginx) .... what you want from us? I linked you the instructions! Where is the problem to read them? I additional linked the example file... so what point you dont get?! You are not able to read? I dont think so... cause you reply here and looking for someone to chew the thing for you?
Thanks for the links. Is there no German guidance for this? I unfortunately have english weakness and do not understand everything.
Login via ftp open your .htaccess or create some if not exist an then put the file content i linked in it.... there is nothing to "adopt to you project".

Log dich per FTP ein, erstelle einfach die datei ".htaccess" wenn sie noch nicht existiert, oder bearbeite sie wenn es schon eine gibt... dann füge einfach den Inhalt aus dem Beispiel dort ein.

Ganz einfach
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