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Full Version: Avatars are distorted crush
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The avatars on my forum are distorted crush
(08-12-2017, 12:29 PM)sc4t Wrote: [ -> ]Hello!

The avatars on my forum are distorted crush

It's distorting because both height and width attributes are set:

This is your view source;

<div class="author_avatar"><a class="w3-hover-opacity" href="Utilisateur-Richiz9-0"><img class="w3-circle" src="" alt="" width="100" height="57"></a></div>

You need to adjust your avatar dimensions in ACP to suit, or in the postbit_avatar template, remove the variable {$useravatar['width_height']} and hardcode the dimensions in, eg.

<div class="author_avatar"><a class="w3-hover-opacity" href="{$post['profilelink_plain']}"><img class="w3-circle" src="{$useravatar['image']}" alt="" style="width:100"></a></div>
thank you very much