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Full Version: Bug on the admin cp home page?
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I've just banned an account direct on the admin CP using the banning tools before being admin approved but noticed that in the user stats box on the home page it still says 2 users waiting to be approved - and there's only one left in the queue (waiting to email validate).  I know I can fix it by manually going back into the banned account and validating it, but it seems a bit pointless!

Running 1.8.10

Also.... the reason for the ban is that it looks and feels like a spam account but somehow is managing to work-around a mandatory selection field in the user profile and leaving it blank (radio options on selection of four fields).  It might be a Tapa thing but I've got Tapa registration permissions turned off.  And I'm guessing also has to be working around the Captcha, too.
AFAIK, this is fixed in the latest version (1.8.12).