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Full Version: Login Attempts
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Everytime when i click on login on my website it's getting logged in getting back to the board offline message and nothing works. what could it be?
are you referring to the forum listed in your profile ? looks like spammers (/bots) are able to login & post.
have you tried using another browser ? can you login to forum admin panel & navigate around without any problems ?
This is The Same Problem With Me.Even i Change Browser .i get Success Login Notification But On board Still Offline.What should i do ?
^ what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
Forum :-
Theme:- Focus (paid)
forum admin panel >> Configuration (Settings) >> Board Online/Offline >> Board Closed ?

is above option set to yes ? if so, set to No and save the settings.

Edit: see also Board Settings related guidance [MyBB 1.6.x]
i just get login on the ADC .if i click some where option,will be redirected "admin/index.php?module=config"
if i type my user pass i get login notification success.after that same "admin/index.php?module=config" with come this

forum admin panel >> Configuration (Settings) >> Board Online/Offline >> Board Closed ?
i just installed tomorrow forum.i was doing work on it "making forum & category" thats why i closed bored
if you have closed the board to develop it,
after login, forum sections should be clearly visible to you (as you are an admin) with a notice stating that board is offline.