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Full Version: 2 issues
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Dear MyBB Community,

Currently I am encountering 2 issues on my forum board

On some of the threads I reply too I get "> at the end of some times, and others do not populate a time from replies/post

[Image: 5299daf15efe0ac1772b2e665cef718d.png]  This thread was created by me but looks like he has created it with the lack of time when he posted

And this happens only when I reply to threads; [Image: 1f7bd37dcfb4f5108491325e07231948.png]

My second issue is with activation emails, I believe I have set it up correctly but it just seems to not send activation emails ( Hotmail/Outlook is a long story but the other domains such as Yahoo and GMail are not getting them)

[Image: 3bc2d6b404119c270dd289c7f4c860c7.png]

Any help would be appreciated

Don't like to bump these but really needing the help.
The first issue is a bug, which will be fixed by the next update. Try searching the forum for a temporary fix, it's been asked many times. Besides that the theme you're using is out of date with the latest MyBB version.