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Full Version: 500 Internal Server Error nginx
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I've been researching this error and I have tried what others have said to fix, and it has not worked. But, I haven't seen someone else post the same problem with nginx.

It just randomly appears throughout my forum, and in the ACP. If I wait a bit then refresh, it'll go away. For a little bit..

[Image: 60263b4162.png]

Oh boy. Now this is happening.

[Image: 51878edf45.png]

Since this is a new forum, I'm going to try and make a new website and reinstall mybb.
What actions have been made prior from this issue?
I renamed htaccess.txt to .htaccess, but that causes the next error and didn't fix anything.
A .htaccess file is an Apache config file. It won’t work for NginX.
After deleting website and reinstalling, it seems to be working. I have no idea what I did to ruin it in the first place... besides renaming htaccess.
To prevent this dilemma from reoccurring, do not rename the .htaccess file as Ben stated. Good luck on your new forum!