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Full Version: Theme messed up, how to fix? [solved]
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I am totally new to myBB.   

While going thru the administrator options, I seem to have done something to mess up the default theme for the forum. 

What I have now is an all-white background with  the text larger than before and the formatting all messed up. 

Site url:

See attached photo example.

How can I fix this?

Should I have posted this elsewhere?
restore your headerinclude to defaults... you messed them up this is mybb dont use smf js libs
Thanks for the reply. I cannot find it.

Googling produced some answers that apply to previous versions, often without any navigation.

In the Admin CP, in the Templates & Style menu (which I presume is the right place), where do I navigate to find Headerinclude to set it to defaults?

Take note that the forum is hosted by createmybb3, but I do not know if that matters.