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Full Version: Hiding links from guests within ONE thread
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Hey guys, do you know if there's an easy way to hide links from guests within a single thread? I'd prefer not to do this, but I could create a sub-forum (as an alternative) comprised only of the thread in question.

For the latter, is there a setting in the CP to hide links within one sub-forum? Again, ideally, I'd like to not create a sub-forum. For the thread-specific permission, in theory, the code would follow the following algorithm if thread=X then "Guests cannot view links!" else display link -- I'm aware this isn't what PHP actually looks like.

Can someone point me to the setting? If there isn't a setting, what code should I insert and where? If it's not as straightforward as I think it is, I'm willing to hire someone. There are other modifications for which professional help might be needed as well.

I'm BUMPing this one up as I'm interested in learning if there's a way to hide links to unregistered users.