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Full Version: how to bypass a parent forum
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I am trying to configure a small forum using NetPen.
I would like to see a home page with a fixed amount of forums (users cannot add a forum),
some threads inside the forums (users cannot post threads) .
And finally, the replies.

Estructure I want:

           members replies
           members replies

I don't find a way to do that in settings. It seems that an extra "Category" of forum is mandatory.
NetPen wants this structure:

                    members replies
                    members replies

Is there any form of bypass the category forum requirement?

Thank you in advance.
at the forum management, for each forum you can set custom permissions for each & every user group.

Quote:Can Post Threads
Can the group post new threads in the forum?

related details => forum management - permissions (MyBB 1.6.x)
To my knowledge, you cannot have loose forums they need to have a parent category.
[Image: b9305c2c03.png]
^ yes, there cannot be a forum without category. I've missed actual requirement.
Thank you.

I am not having issues setting the rules of members permissions. I have succeeded at this by setting the "permissions" in "Forums & Posts" tab.

My issue is:
The structure of the NetPen doesn't allow me to just put a forum in the home page. It shows me an error in forum management:

The following errors were encountered:
  • You must select a parent forum.

My community and variety of topics is small, instead organization, an extra "directory" is not good for a comfortable browsing.

I do not have the forum in internet, it's just the previous settings in the server, so i can't share the URL

Ok, thank you!