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Full Version: Shift + Left Arrow
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FYI: Happens on this forum too.

So basically say I have the sentence of "Hello, I am Zaqre and I am new to the the forum and I just wanted to say hello and goodbye"

If I start at the "E" on "goodbye" and then press and hold Shift and then hold the left arrow to highlight the entire sentence, it will stop randomly and then Un-highlight what I was trying to highlight. **Happens randomly, try it a few times if it doesn't work the first time.**
which computer system you are using ?

for me on Windows, with firefox browser
Shift + left arrow --> selects single character
Shift + home --> selects up to beginning of the line

Shift + Control + left arrow --> selects left side word from cursor
Shift + Control + home --> selects left of cursor to the beginning
Windows 10 + Google

When I do Shift + (Hold) Left Arrow it quickly highlights in that direction so I don't have to do Shift + Spam Press Left Arrow
I cannot reproduce .(