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Full Version: Rank CSS
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is there a way I can add rank images from CSS to my user groups I know Xenforo has it does Mybb?
What exactly you like to do? Just different images from CounterStrike Source for user groups? Then yes, easy asign the groups an image in your ACP.
If you like handle it via cascading stylesheet even there is a way but not needed cause you can just easy add an image to the usergroup.
CSS rank images ? No, not yet with MyBB.
(2017-09-05, 10:10 AM)meetdilip Wrote: [ -> ]CSS rank images ? No, not yet with MyBB.

Something like Xenforo has?
Yes it's possible.
You just need upload your all rank images in one image..
And use CSS for partision of images to difirent ranks class.
And use tag in postbit user group name under class for show your images.
<!-- rank img start -->
<span class="{$post('usergroup')}"></span>
<!-- end img rank -->

Note: that is only an example.
And in combination with this , you can make some neat backgrounds for you're rank title holders