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Full Version: I changed my domain, now it won't work. (Important)
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Hey there everyone,

I had my domain with a www.(mydomain).dk, and I wanted to change it to forum.(mydomain).dk, I'm unsure if I did it right, because it's not working. I had it working with my old domain, can anybody help me please?

I've not changed the cookie domain, because it's the same. (.(mydomain).dk) and I changed my domain in the inc/settings.php to forum.(mydomain).dk. I did this on the configuration page on mybb too in "site details" I did as in the inc/settings.php file and changed the domain, but did not change the cookie domain.

I've also changed the domain from www.(mydomain).dk to forums.(mydomain).dk on my domain host (UnoEuro)

What shall I do? Shall I just wait? Right now the page kind of works, because the webhost I use (000webhost) says that the page is ready for use;
[Image: 3bd83d5359fa7bbdfb1bd7edc32fdf00.png]

Thanks in advance.

I think you need to change the table prefixes in your database. I could be wrong though. Hopefully, somebody else knows.

So, essentially you went from:

Hey L Moody,

This is not what happend. When I use forum.(mydomain).dk it prints out the basic things for 000webhost, it's as if the database is not connected with the domain.

I hope someone knows how to fix this, as it's quite urgent.

Thanks anyways, L Moody.
changing MyBB forum from to (i.e.

1. create a sub-folder named forum at the main folder of your files server
2. create a sub-domain at your web host control panel (pointing to
3. move all files & sub-folders to forum sub-folder (of-course, except forum named sub-folder)
4. change Board URL & cookie settings in ~/inc/settings.php file
and then at Site Details page of Configuration section in forum admin panel

see also MyBB FAQ: login
Hey .m.

I'm not trying to make the domain after the trailing slash. I'm trying to change the www. To forum. so that it's another domain completely. I'm not sure if I've done it right or anything.

As I'm not home I'm unable to change anything, I'll try later today though. Crossed fingers for this working.


Hey there. I've fixed my issue. Thanks for your support.