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Full Version: Custom Profile Fields in User CP
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Hey all,

So I'm following the documentation on how to set a profile background, it works great.

Link to it here:

Now that introduced me into how to get custom profile fields.

Now, I'm having an issue. I want to display the same thing in the user cp home page.

I'm using the same code to accses it:

.profbg {
background-image: url({$userfields['fid5']});

However, it does not work at all it just shows it as blank.

So my main question is, is how to display custom profile fields in places other than Postbit and Profile.

Help is much appreciated!
This might or might not work: Custom Profile Fields
Not exactly sure what that post is about. I know how to access the profile fields I just want to get it in places other than the Postbit and the Member profile.