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Full Version: Mass Mailing not selecting all users
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I created a group that currently has 62 members in it. I'm trying to send out a Mass Mailing to all of the users.

When defining the recipients, under Members of the following groups... I choose the group that has the 62 members.

However, when I get to the "Review Your Message" step, it says that the number of recipients is only 11.

Why is this? All of the other text fields are blank.

Could it have to do with the usernames of some of my users? Is it a parsing issue? Some of my users have curly brackets in their names along with asterisks, underscores, dashes, periods, spaces, slashes, and tildes.
I don't know if it helps, but if a member has "Receive emails from the Administrators" turned off the mass mail will not send to them.

Try looking in a members account setting from AdminCP and see if there are some turned off. If they are you will need to remind your members thy need to turn them on to receive mass mails.