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Full Version: Avatar using in mailtemplates
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Does someone knows how to use the avatar of the last replied person into an automated notification mail?

I know how to do it but there misses one peace of information and that's how to translate the template variables within curly brackets to normal php $ string variables.

I basically want to achieve this:

but I only got tho this so far:

bump, anyone?
Variables can be used with or without the curly braces. The curly braces are often used to determine and highlight where the variable actually finishes. Refer to this post.
I still don't understand it fully...

If this array: $l['email_subscription'] holds {2} as the author.. How can I use it to perform a query ?
I am interested as well, nice request
ty Eldenroot for backing me up.
Can somebody clarify how to use the {} template variables for further manipulation?
bump? Sad