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Full Version: breaking thread when replying with attachment
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hello i just installed mybb 1.8 and i was testing when i found a bug. when someone reply with attachment it breaking attachment design .  i am attaching screenshot.

lol now you dont need screenshot.

i have fixed this myself.  you have to edit template 'postbit_attachments_thumbnails_thumbnail' . replace code with following code. 

<a href="attachment.php?aid={$attachment['aid']}" target="_blank"><img src="attachment.php?thumbnail={$attachment['aid']}" class="attachment" alt="" title="{$lang->postbit_attachment_filename} {$attachment['filename']}
{$lang->postbit_attachment_size} {$attachment['filesize']}
	" /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </br> {$attachdate}
This has been reported before: