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Full Version: Number of images on a post, remove limit
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It seems to be a limit on how many images it may be on a thread. Is there a limit?

It seems to be up to 350 pictures and the rest of the images is not on the thread. If I want to post that example 800 pictures. What should I look for in the files?

I do not want a border.
Not sure if it's what you are looking for, but you can set the maximum number of images per post in Board Settings > Posting
It does not work even if you have set everything to 0 under the dashboard. There must be some blocking during index.

Example: I want to upload 1000 pictures on a thread. But, perhaps with half of the pictures.

Latest Mybb and default theme. No plugin or otherwise used.
Sorry I don't know then. Maybe someone else will be able to help.
do you are able to upload 800 images as attachments but all images are not showing in thread?
Yes, if I upload 800 pictures using a imagehost that has this support so you get only with over 500 photos on a thread. I am looking to get rid of this so you can get up 800 image or 1100 image without sharing the images and wire.