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Full Version: Some users unable to add attachments
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We have had separate reports from users who are unable to upload attachments. This video shows that the user is following the correct process but the attachment does not appear and another user has described the same issue.

At the moment we do not know why this is happening to some users but not others, and indeed, in testing for the two cases given above, when we have logged in as the user form elsewhere, it is possible to upload attachments. It does not appear to be related to the type or size of the attachments (all are within the right limits) nor the settings for the user's account. I also cannot see any reason on the server side (given that it works for some users). 

The forum URL is - I can sort out a test account if that will help. I suspect that the vagueness of the info I have put here means that diagnosing the problem is difficult but I am hoping that someone has seen this before and can help.
Ok, I think I have figured this out now. The hosting setting for php upload_max_filesize had become set to a value lower than the max size for given file types. If you try to upload a file that exceeds the forum settings, you get an error. If the file is smaller than the forum settings but larger that upload_max_filesize, you get no error, just the appearance of nothing.

Given that the value for upload_max_filesize is available server side, could the upload routine not test for this and give a meaningful error message to the user or administrator?